Deep Cleansing Facial with High Frequency for Problem Prone,  Acne or Oily Skin.  Breakouts can affect your skin at any age because of stress, diet, hormones and lifestyle. This cleansing Facial includes a deep pore cleansing, ... learn more here

Lash Lift

During the iLipo procedure, a licensed professional uses a series of noninvasive, laser-emitting pads to target fat deposits. The laser light in the pads perforates the fat cells, causing the contents to disperse and be ... learn more here

Chemical Peel

The main benefits and effects of Galvanic include:

  • Tightening and firming of tissues
  • Constriction of follicles
  • Decrease in sensitivity
  • Oxygenation of cells
  • ...learn more here

The natural injectable that brightens, firm, hydrate and plumps your complexion boosting cell turnover. Known as well as a "red carpet" treatment as the results are seen immediately.

MESOTHERAPY HES Genosys contains Hyaluronic... learn more here



Microcurrent, know as well as "Lunch Time face lift", is a popular treatment for aging skin, uses low level electrical current to trigger the body’s natural skin enhancement chemicals at a cellular level, giving skin therapists an effective tool...   learn more here

Microdermabrasion is a cosmetic procedure that use a minimally abrasive instrument to remove the top layer of sun-damaged and dead skin cells, leaving behind a healthier, younger you. This type of skin rejuvenation is...   learn more here

Cavitation is body sculpting with no anaesthesia, no scars, no discomfort, no downtime and presents a risk free alternative to liposuction.

Cavitation is a natural phenomenon based on... learn more here

Radiofrequency (RF) energy treatment is technology for non-surgical tightening of the early signs of loose or sagging skin.  RF energy is primarily used to treat skin laxity by facial tightening, and is best suited to patients with...  learn more here

Lash Lifts, a treatment for natural lashes that can add curl and definition for 8-10 weeks.

Book your lash lift and get a Lash and Brows tinting for free!... learn more here

Would you like an aromatherapy massage to relieve tension from every part of your body while relaxing you ?

Aromatherapy is... learn more here

Whether you're after a leg wax, underarms or a hollywood, waxing is the best, relatively painless semi-permanent hair removal method leaving you hair free for up to 4 weeks! So put down the razor, say goodbye to stubble and ingrown hair and embrace the smooth feeling of freshly waxed skin. We use Hot Wax (no strips) for Intimate/Facial and Underarms and Warm Wax for Legs.


Prime Beauty Atelier

Chemical Peel: salicylic acid, mandelic acid or glycolic acid.

Acid peels have been around for ages, they're one of the most tried and tested ways to improve your skin health. There are several types of acid peels which are offered routinely; salicylic... learn more here

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Vacuum Therapy treatment benefits clients with an improved lymphatic and blood circulation. Since the dead skin is reduced, there will be great improvement in the skin texture. Fat deposit in local part of the skin will be improved. If you... learn more here